Corporate Social Responsibility

Adhering to the spirit of corporate governance, the Apex Group is constantly and consciously addressing its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by pursuing activities that are in line with the 3 cornerstones of our CSR principles:

  • Responsibility, Transparency, and Accountability;
  • Care and Unity; and
  • Value Creation and Enhancement for All.

We adopt a holistic approach to instill the importance of CSR across the Group and within which the Group operates – the workplace, the marketplace, and the community.

At the Workplace

The Group aspires to be the employer of choice, the basic ingredient to having the right staff for the right tasks at the right time. We also live by our maxim – a happy employee is indeed a productive employee – for our staff to retain the highest level of productivity. This is because we believe that employees are vital contributors to the success of the Company.

To achieve maximum productivity, the Group:

  • provides a clear career path to all employees;
  • endeavours to enhance their skills and competencies through various training & development programmes, seminars, and workshops; and
  • strives to create and provide a conducive workplace for all employees.

Apex Company Dinner is held annually where long-service awards are given to staff and remisiers who have served the Company continuously for 10 and 20 years in recognition of their commitment and loyalty to the Apex Group. Additionally, JF Apex Appreciation Day and Apex Group Lunch Gathering were held in 2012 and 2013, respectively.

Recognising the importance of a healthy and positive lifestyle, the Group promotes sports and its CSR principles through its Sports Club by building a spacious in-house gym for our employees and remisiers. The Apex Sports Club also cultivates teamwork as well as sense of belonging among employees. Various teambuilding events and sports activities, such as bowling competition, badminton tournament, and yoga session, are organised every year for both employees and remisiers to achieve this.

At the Marketplace

The Apex Group is committed to operating in an economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable manner whilst balancing the diverse interests of its stakeholders by integrating open and transparent practices into its business operations, which are based on ethical values and respect for shareholders, employees, the community, and the environment.

To ensure the economic sustainability of all its companies, the Group has internally generated best practices in corporate governance that benefit all its companies:

  • Financial Management Discipline which drives excellence in financial management so that the quality of the business as an ongoing concern is preserved, enhanced, and sustained;
  • A code of business conduct and ethics for financial reporting, which contains true and fair disclosures;
  • In choosing its Directors, the Group seeks individuals of high integrity, with shareholder orientation and a genuine interest in the respective businesses of the respective Companies. The Group also advocates gender equality at work.

The Apex Group also values the importance of CSR to enhance the Group’s interaction with its external stakeholders – namely our customers, fund managers, financial institutions, peers, suppliers, authorities, and the public. We adopt an active role in engaging these stakeholders through various channels and manners, and we have in place a standard approach, procedure, and control in our procurement and outsourcing. In addition, the Group actively participates in associations or smaller collaborations and dialogues, with the objective of fostering team spirit as well as enhancing rapport with the industry peers.

At the Community

The Apex Group takes great pride in being a corporate citizen for the local community in Kajang as well as beyond state boundaries.

Concerted efforts in channeling direct help to address our community’s needs are done through the Apex Sports Club. The Apex Group gives back to the community through various CSR initiatives such as donations and visits to charitable societies and institutions including a home for the disabled or special people, an orphanage, a kidney dialysis centre, a Buddhist community, and St. John Ambulance of Malaysia.

The Group also initiated a fundraising for victims of natural disasters, including the Help Nepal Earthquake Relief in 2015, which was made possible by the overwhelming support and generosity of all employees and remisiers of Apex group. In the same year, the Group was involved in the Flood Relief Drive by contributing 500 sets of Back to School Kits worth RM12,500.00 to the flood victims’ children through a stationery shop by the name of Cziplee Stationery Shop Malaysia.

Last but not least, through its blood donation programme called Blood Donation Drive – The Gift Of Life, the Group continuously encourages people who may not have the resources to make monetary contributions or the time and skills to be involved in voluntary programmes, to make a difference by donating their blood. It has been a “tradition” of the JF Apex Sports Club to organise such event yearly and each time we received good response from the public.

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